Tribune Names the Controversy

Like the journalists before him covering controveries like Deep Throat and Watergate, Chicago Tribune veteran reporter Eric Zorn JUST termed the current controversy at Medill as "Quotegate" in his daily blog 'Change of Subject'.  

He adds that his "rubbish needle (is) dancing" around the Dean's explanation for not naming his sources in a recent piece of journalism Lavine authored. Two other reporters weigh in on the story. Comments are piling up on the Tribune's website.

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bobeda said...

I appreciate that Eric Zorn took on this topic, but take issue with his sentiments at the end of the piece. He writes: "But if Lavine gets a pass, then all journalism students who were ever marked down for insufficient documentation of sources deserve an upward revision in their transcripts."
As a student at the Medill School of Journalism, the last thing I want is for the standards of the school to be lowered in any way. I think we should take this unfortunate situation and turn it into a teachable moment - which it seems several classes have already done. I appreciate those professors' actions, and hope that more conversations about this topic and journalism ethics in general will result from this incident.