Faculty: Dean Must Produce Notes to End 'Crisis'

Sixteen members (mostly untenured) of the Medill faculty today issued a public statement calling for the Dean to produce his notes to corroborate the accuracy of his quotations.
In the letter, the faculty suggest the dean go as far as "have the IT department retrieve that deleted e-mail" to solve what the faculty describe as a "crisis."

Faculty statement:
  • Accuracy and truthfulness are non-negotiable
  • Dean's video of similar, not exact, quotes is "inadequate"
  • Spett's work praised
Here is the statement, as printed in the Daily Northwestern

The following faculty signed the statement:

Mary Coffman, Associate Professor
Douglas Foster, Associate Professor
Eric Ferkenhoff, Lecturer (photo not available)
Loren Ghiglione, Professor
George Harmon, Associate Professor
Sharon Kornely, Senior Lecturer
Craig L. LaMay, Associate Professor
Donna Leff, Professor
Arsenio Oloroso, Lecturer
Marcel Pacatte, Lecturer
David Protess, Professor
Larry Stuelpnagel, Assistant Professor
Mindy Trossman, Assistant Professor
Mary Ann Weston, Associate Professor Emerita
Charles Whitaker, Assistant Professor
Jon Ziomek, Assistant Professor Emeritus

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