Not a great week for Columbia's dean either...

An excerpt from InsideHigherEd.com's Quick Takes:
Journalism school woes: Nicholas Lemann, the dean at Columbia University, was trying to send class project evaluations back to his students and accidentally sent them his own self-evaluation of his performance, a memo intended for the provost. The future journalists promptly leaked the dean’s self-evaluation to Jim Romenesko’s blog, and he shared Lemann’s thoughts with a broader audience. The memo includes an overview of journalism education and the particular challenges faced by Columbia as an expensive graduate program. Lemann fares better on Romenesko, however, than John Lavine, dean of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Several professors sent him a memo, now on the blog, expressing concern about his response to criticisms of his use of student quotes in his column in the school’s magazine. Some students have questioned the quotes authenticity.

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